Women founders are still struggling for equity in accessing capital
In 2021, a record breaking year for venture capital, women-founded companies received just 2.3% of venture funds.
Add intersectionality between gender, race and ethnicity, and the figures are staggering. Black women founders received 0.6% of the funding raised since 2009, and Latinx founders received 0.6%
Biases are especially notable in early raise rounds, where there is less revenue and checks are being written based on “gut feelings” and founder promise.



More women decision makers, more women writing checks, more women investing in the future

  • Women founders and investors band together to support other founders
  • Combining our networks, communities and passions has the power to shape the future of business
  • Closing the gender financial knowledge gap will empower the female investor




I know the power of community in empowering women to succeed in business.
From a professional football franchise, to corporate finance, to investment banking, I have always worked in finance. I have also known the inequalities that exist both in passed knowledge, opportunities and checks written. My passion lies in empowering women, both as founders and investors, to create the roadmap to their success. Whether it is access to funding to start their dream business, making their very first investment, or tip toeing into the world of cryptocurrency and web3; I am here to provide strategic solutions.