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Bloomi is a sexologist-led wellness destination that provides inclusive sexual education and intimate health essentials for all bodies.


Hearth Display

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Hearth Display is a centralized touchscreen that makes family organization an easier, shared responsibility for everyone in your home. Our intuitive planning and management tools make it simple to track tasks, build routines, develop independence, and share meaningful moments.



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Vyrao harnesses the power of nature to amplify energy, tapping into the science of scent and its potential to activate the parts of the brain where memories and emotions are processed.


Super Mush

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Take 1-2 mints to cruise into flow state and sharpen up your brain. No added sugar.



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Sustainably farmed wines with flavor profiles that are serious enough for a glass, but vivacious enough to be sipped out of a can.



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We’re countering climate change one craveable, regeneratively farmed bite at a time. Welcome to our uncompromising work in progress.

Une Femme Wines

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World-class women-made Champagne and Sparkling Wines that give back to women’s causes, shipped directly to your door. Une Femme wines are perfect for celebrating life’s moments that matter – big and small. Whether toasting to landing the dream job, smashing yet another glass ceiling or just making it through the week to Friday, Une Femme raises a glass to women …


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Limited edition physical accessory and AR filter of the accessory featured in NFT. Share in 1% of royalties from all secondary market sales of MAVION’s first NFT drop in perpetuity.

Rosie Notes

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Life is so short. And sometimes it takes a horrible event to remind us of that. Don’t let like pass you by. Go for it. All of it. What’s the worst that can happen? It doesn’t work and you try again.


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Upgrade to duets™, the tampon + liner system designed for better coverage, fewer leaks & less stress during your monthly moon. Women-designed | FDA-approved | Toxin-free


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Our pain and anxiety-relieving products are easy to use, fast to work and designed specifically for needles. Join the waitlist for early access.