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Hi, I’m Kelley, founder of Golden Hour Ventures. Coming to your inbox to share deal flow from the raddest founders in the biz, resources, and my latest obsessions.

What I’ve been up to…

This summer, I was a panelist at the Association for Corporate Growth Women’s Lunch in Los Angeles with the formidable Melinda Moore (Aventura Ventures) and Laurel Mintz (Fabric VC) on the power of investing in women.

So many incredible folks in M&A and corporate growth filled the room – the enthusiasm to fund women founders really reaffirmed my mission.

The takeaways

Becoming a limited partner in a VC fund is not as daunting as it sounds (capital calls, people!)

If you aren’t quite ready for LP Life… invest via angel syndicates with a lower minimum check size and learn by doing

And if you aren’t quite ready for syndicate investing, you can be impactful by owning your consumerism! We always have the power to align our consumerism with our values (ideas below)

In other news, I am just back from a two week family holiday in Europe, which sounds quite glamorous, but was filled with incredible highs and VERY low lows. This article from the New Yorker, entitled The Case Against Travel, has me thinking. My 9 year old’s favorite part of the trip? Watching Cocaine Bear and ordering three Sprites when I fell asleep on the flight. I could have parented just as inadequately stateside…but grateful for the checkered memories.

What’s Next

Kicking off the fall session (Cohort #8!) of the Dream Ventures Accelerator with my partner in guerrilla venture, Annie Evans. At 140 graduates strong, this program is meant to demystify the fundraising process for early stage founders.

We have only a couple spots left, but if you have a founder that could benefit, please feel free to forward to them.

Hot Deals 🔥

Supermush, who puts the “fun” in functional mushrooms, is rounding out their fundraise as they gear up to launch GUMMIES!

Check out Alli and Brian of SuperMush on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Elevator Pitch on YouTube. This is a fun watch as they explain Horny Goat Weed (a key ingredient in Sex Gummies ) to Marc Randolph, the cofounder and first CEO of Netflix. SPOILER: He invested, because HORNY GOAT WEED. You can too- Reach out for more info.

Introducing Nimbi: the first design forward, plastic-free disposable razor, featured in Forbes as a stand-out impact consumer brand

The Nimbi razor material is first-to-market made from waste-wood pulp, clay and pine oil. Their commercial mould is currently being built, and they will be ready to launch in January 2024, with a 100 million unit manufacturing capacity. And at $1.50 per razor, they are taking on the lethargic incumbents in this $17 billion category. Reach out for more info.

😇Active Angel Syndicates

For the brilliant folks who are taking their first foray into angel investing; syndicates are the perfect on-ramp. Syndicates offer a smaller barrier to entry (average minimum check size of $5k-10k) and the opportunity to learn by doing.

Our Featured Syndicate Opportunity is GRYT!

GRYT is poised to become the go-to product and lifestyle brand focused on the TWEEN market. Founders Caroline and Kathryn are tech and personal care industry veterans.

Gwyneth approved! The GRYT KIT has been selected to be featured in the goop 2023 Online Holiday Gift Guide

Named by BeautyMatter (leading publication in the beauty industry) as one of the best beauty launches of 2023

Partnerships with Boys and Girls Club and YMCA, successful launch and extended contract with Pop-Up Grocer

Reach out for more info

🍰 Shop Women-Founded Brands/Current Obsessions

Putting the Fly by Jing Zhong sauce on everything, all day. I also have my eye on her cookbook.

These leggings are so comfy and are made from PLANTS because no micro-plastics on this skin please.

Speaking of which- your underwear is also probably made of microplastics- but not these gorgeous knit sets from Chosenwoven.

These Spring & Mulberry chocolate bars are SO beautiful, sweetend with dates and not sugar, and are also Gwenyth approved.

Continuing a California Sober Lifestyle with Kin Actual Sunshine and these mocktails (or cocktails) in a tea bag from Sayso.

🙌 Portfolio Company High Fives

Brightland pizza oil!

My Hearth Display is changing the back to school game. Dealing with all of those calendars from school and after school activities? I just snap a screenshot or photo, text it to my Hearth Helper, which automatically populates on my Hearth Display calendar, which syncs to my google cal. I can add to-do lists and assignments to the home calendar when I travel, making the board the bad guy, not me.

Another Tomorrow launches the Foundation“an interchangeable, ever-relevant wardrobe base – meticulously crafted by producers that honor our pledges toward environmental, human, and animal welfare.” Complete with a stunning campaign featuring Carolyn Murphy.

WTHN has launched their Traditional Chinese Medicine goodies in everyone’s favorite west coast grocer, Erewhon! Tune in to their insta to come hang with me in LA at their launch events in October.

📰 News and Food For Thought

Coefficient Capital’s Consumer Trends Report: AI, Ozempic and The Economy (coincidentally, the name of my Soap Opera) is a WINNER and a great way to spend 10 mins. SO much great data condensed.

I highly urge you to sign the open letter in support of Fearless Fund. TLDR; The American Alliance for Equal Rights, founded by conservative crusader Edward Blum, sued the Fearless Fund, claiming the fund is operating a “racially discriminatory program” by investing in black women founders. With black women only receiving 0.39% of venture capital in 2022 despite being the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs, it truly astounds how one an be so motivated to thwart efforts to build a more equitable ecosystem.

Cosmetic company E.L.F. acquires science-backed skincare line Naturium for $355 million (approx 4x sales and 21x EBITDA)

🌈 Founder Resources and Grants

Mama Ladder Grant: Cash for Founders who are Moms: apply by Sept 30

Beauty Brands: Sephora Accelerate applications are now open apply by Sept 25

Women-founded tech companies: apply for Amex Ventures + Project W | SPARK 2023 to dive into strategies for scaling their businesses to get Series A ready.

NYC based photographer Claudine Williams is offering select founders in our community a free test shoot of their team and office space! Please reach out to Claudine directly if you are in NYC interested in learning more about this opportunity.

🍦Other Things No One Asked For

This snack combo: Van Leeuwen honeycomb ice cream, with sliced bananas, covered in olive oil. Potato Chip garnish. I will not justify any of these choices.

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