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getting female founders funded / recruiting a new wave of investors to get it done.

Hi, I’m Kelley, founder of Golden Hour Ventures. Coming to your inbox to share deal flow from the raddest founders in the biz, resources, and my latest obsessions.

What I’ve been up to…

First Accelerator Cohort of 2024

Thrilled to be leading content for the Dream Ventures Accelerator, with Annie Evans, again.

Our first week featured guest speaker, Maggie Sellers (investor, tiktok maven, and founder of HOT SMART RICH. We loved her take on what makes a brand stand out from the pack (and why being polarizing will give better returns than trying to be for everyone).

Week two featured guest speaker Hannah Bronfman, who is the ultimate multi-hyphenate. An OG community builder (with well over 1 million followers across platforms), Hannah has amassed over 40 companies in her angel portfolio with the majority of her portfolio founders being underrepresented founders…and she is just getting started.

The first cohort of 2024 are all stars. We have 25 founders building incredible companies from the ground up. Check them out:


QUESTION FOR YOU❓: Do you know any start-ups that are working on solving the “loneliness epidemic” (i.e. innovating in dating, community connection, etc?) Let’s chat!

Hot Deals🔥

Curated for You

Early but exciting opportunity; tech that is revolutionizing the search and discover experience within online retailers. They are raising a seed after incredible success with their pilot customers (Revolve, Saks off 5th, Steve Madden).

Their software detects thousands of reasons why people are buying today (TikTok trends, Taylor Swift concert, UT football game, Mardi Gras, change in weather, etc) and automatically matches retailers’ products to customers purchase intents, generating fresh landing pages on the fly. Woah.

Highlights from pilot customers

1. Website conversion rates up to 408% and revenue per impression up to 619%

2. Increase in revenue from each category (ex: gift guides, wedding, vacation, dresses…) up to 343%.

3. Increase email revenue up to 213%

4. 100% of pilot customers are converting to customers after seeing these results.

Reach out for more info.


Tia Health

The Helm has opened up an SPV ($2,500 min) for angels interested In joining Tia Health’s Series C. This is moving fast (deadline for commitment is EOD Jan 22- reach out for more info.


The ONLY woman specific primary care provider in the market

Partnered with health care systems across the US to supercharge the care model, access and Tia’s economics

Massive ($130B total available market)

Backed by Melinda French Gates’s Pivotal Ventures, The Helm, Define Ventures

🙌 Portfolio Company High Fives

WTHN is now open in Williamsburg. Brooklyn dwellers- your new go-to acupuncture and zen spot awaits.

Vyrao dropped this little chocolate collab with Australian chocolatiers Loco Love.

Supermush x Sofi Tukker merch collab! Introducing the Wet Disco Bundle

📰 News and Food For Thought

M&A Activity

L’Oréal Aquires Water-tech Start-up Gjosa

Puig acquires Barbara Sturm

Shiseido acquires Dennis Gross

Unilever aquires k18…with

Rumors that Kosas and Merit Beauty are exploring sales option in 2024

and this made my day …feminine care brand Honey Pot(started in the founder’s kitchen in 2012) aquired by compass for $380 million

Americans spent a record $222 billion shopping online this holiday season.

From Business of Fashion: After a year that saw the investment coffers dry up in fashion and beauty, 2024 brings a renewed sense of hope — but only for brands that meet an exhaustive criteria. Notes✍️: Investors have their eye on the bottom line- not just growth. Selling across channels is imperative: dtc-only is not cute.

Astrology app Chani’s careers page is going viral as their job perks include 7 weeks of paid office closure a year, 4 months parental leave, unlimited, paid vacation (plus vacation STIPEND), gender based violence paid and protected leave, and my favorite: unlimited menstrual leave (I would love your thoughts on this approach to hiring and retention. I would be so ride or die for an employer that treated me this way).

This book – a little satire- a little too close to home… consumed my holiday break

*I read a lot of books in 2023- some were great and some were supermeh (I am looking at you Covenant of Water ). Favorite escapist fiction and worth-it non-fiction is here .

Miller Lite launched mints for dry January (and then promptly sold out). I am not mad at this.

Breaking: Sex still sells, and Chef broke the internet. Jeremy Allen White’s Underwear Campaign Generates $12.7 Million in Media Exposure for Calvin Klein in 48 Hours

🌈 Founder Resources and Grants

Win $150,000 in no-cost inventory funding* and other grand prizes worth over $40,000 (from Kickfurther).

Cherub is hosting a pop-up for founders and funders at SXSW- brands, apply to be a part of the pop-up here.

Apply to be on the next season of Shark Tank!!

🍰 Shop Women-Founded Brands/Current Obsessions

This serum is saving my skin through 18 degree days. Mostly in it for the smell.

Loving these sustainable little playhouses from Make it Cute

🍦Other Things No One Asked For

Couldn’t beat ‘em, so joined ‘em. Here is my in/out list for 2024- change my mind.


Big dairy

being an internet hype person

lamps only

curated communities

giving a small amount of f*cks

high protein

being a brand of one

reading next to people

one air pod


milking everything else


the big light

overscheduling and fomo

giving zero f*cks


picking a lane

drinking next to people

both air pods


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